Sunday, April 4, 2010

Balloons Balloons Balloons!

Here's a couple photos taken after photographing all my balloon creations for my menu board. Aren't balloons wonderful?!

Invite a balloon twister to your next event! Balloon Animals and Sculptures- People of all ages will be delighted with a variety of balloon animals, sculptures, hats and accessories made from single twisted balloons.

This type of entertainment works well with a large group both with a line, like at a fair or carnival booth, or as a walk around, like in a parade or restaurant.

Balloon Games- Need a way to entertain a large multi aged group at a company picnic or a group of squirmy 5 year olds with energy to burn? Try Balloon Games! Round and twisting balloons are transformed into a variety of balloon games such as darts, ring toss, relay and popping games that can be catered to fit any age group.

And here's the after-math. A work of art!

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