Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good Byes

This week was full of good-byes. I wished my current day care kids good bye as I head off to another preschool on the other side of town. I brought cupcakes, as is customary for all events at a daycare, but the kids were even more happy with their personalized balloon sculptures on a stick that they got to take home as a gift from me:

Here they are all hung up on their coat hooks. Too cute huh?

Bye Townview Montessori! I will miss you all!

I also wished another friend good-bye as she parted for Spain for the summer. She's an awesome World Languages teacher and she's hoping to firm up her Spanish with a couple of months abroad.

I made her a going away gift too. Her's was a bull and a Spanish guitar on a base of the colors of Spain's flag. Rising above is a little airplane with "Bon Voyage" on the tail. It was a big hit with the little ones at her going away party. But despite all the handling, it held up well!

Good Luck Elissa and take lots of pictures!!

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