Friday, February 15, 2013

Most Creative 1 Balloon Sculptures

Sometimes when doing line balloon work, I come across someone who thinks they're too cool for balloons...I mean come on...there's no age limit on balloon enjoyment! whenever I hear  a "No thanks"  or see a hesitating teenager or adult, I like to say "Are you sure?  I can make _______..."

Here's the list of awesome 1 balloon 'blanks' I like to throw at them.  You just can't say no when someone offers you:

Love Birds on a Heart

A Guitar

A T-Rex

A Ray Gun/ A Hairdryer

A "Why Not?" (Y Knot) (uses pop technique)

Other Awesome 1 balloon Sculptures:

A Mouse on a Unicycle

A Unicorn

A Bicycle (uses pop technique)

Most of these you can figure out yourself but if your interested in instructions, just msg me and I'll try to locate the link of where I found these or similar.  (Some were learned in books)  Or I will explain it for you.  They're not hard, the goal is 1 balloon sculptures that you can do during line work with little fuss at a good speed.

Have fun!

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