Sunday, April 25, 2010


Meet JoJo the Clown

Balloon Show, Sculptures and Face Painting- The classic Birthday party package which starts with an interactive balloon show where guests will join a balloon band and sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy or girl. Then partygoers make special requests for single balloon animals or sculptures that are customized with faces, details and the children’s names. The children are then free to play with their new balloon pets and toys as the face painting is going on. Children are chosen one at a time so no one has to wait in line! This part of the party also works well during the opening of presents or a craft activity. Or if the children prefer, they are invited to watch their friends being painted. If desired, the last moments of the party can be reserved for blowing out the candles on the cake or a group photo. Many people also take individual photos with each child and their balloon animal after being face painted. These make great mementos and thank you cards.

Magic Comedy Show
- A great idea for large groups and stage presentations, this child-friendly magic show was amaze and have you rolling on the floor with laughter. This clowny approach to a traditional magic show includes a wealth of acts including the Even/Uneven Spaghetti Act, The Magic Coloring Book with Vanishing Crayons, and Growing Money with the Magic Change Bag. Volunteers will don special balloon costumes and humorous props and play roles in these story-telling-style illusions. The audience will work together to shout out magic words and help to perform the tricks. There will be jokes and buffoonery along the way that will delight young spectators and adults alike. This show can be done in any character including Clown, Your Child's Favorite Character or Traditional Magician wear with a twist. Book your Magic Comedy Show now!

Magic Birthday Show- Similar to the Magic Comedy Show, this abridged version allows time for the balloon show from our popular birthday party package. Children will be entertained by the interactive magic comedy show portion of the show that leads smoothly into the Balloon Band routine and special balloon gifts for each child to take home. This type of entertainment can be done as any character including Clown, Your Child's Favorite Character or Traditional Magician wear with a twist. Want more? Add basic face painting to the end of the show for a complete birthday party event that your guests will be talking about all year! Don't forget to save time for a photo session!

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