Monday, May 10, 2010

Balloon Deliveries

For Mother's Day, I practiced my balloon bouquets and delivered them to some of my favorite moms, including of course, my own! Here's a picture of the backseat of my car before I started delivering them:

Everyone really seemed to enjoy them, especially my boss. Since she wasn't home when I stopped by, I slipped it between her side door and the screen door. She didn't find it till a day later and it held up perfectly! Thanks ladies for letting me visit, I had a great day and I hope you did too!

Balloon Deliveries- For big impact on a little budget, try balloon deliveries! These custom designed balloon bouquets and sculptures will be delivered to home or office on the date and time of choice. Bouquets and Sculptures make great centerpieces and can be delivered during the day to be used at a party that night! Or the centerpieces can be done table to table at restaurants and sit down dinners. Deliveries come in all shapes and sizes to fit any theme or budget and make an interesting variation on flower bouquets.

More designs to come!

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